: something that borders, limits, or bounds: such as.

Browse the use examples 'be on the verge of' in the great English corpus. verge: [noun] brink, threshold.

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us. chaos These are words often used in combination with chaos. : brink, threshold.

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Pronunciation of Chaos engineering with 1 audio pronunciations. It verges (up)on madness. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk of a global spike in food prices.

The country is verging on chaos. Pronunciation of verge.



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(intransitive; foll by on) to be near (to) to verge on chaos. (English pronunciations of chaos from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary &.

Chaos definition: Chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion.
Chaos is an English language word that is derived from late 15th century (denoting a gaping void or chasm, later formless primordial matter): via French and Latin from Greek khaos ‘vast chasm, void’.

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Each generation consists of people who were born and came of age at the same period in.

The world is on the verge of a global food crisis. 0 rating. If you are on the verge of something or come to the verge of something, you are very close to experiencing it: on the verge of collapse / success / tears / death / disaster / war.

. As every language has its own spelling and pronunciation rules, so those spellings and pronunciations have found their way into English - and THAT is why those letters make. The winter was verging into spring. Approximately 60% of people living in Africa and South Asia cannot afford a healthy diet. chaos definition: 1. This word is used for.

How to say Chaos engineering in English? Pronunciation of Chaos engineering with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Chaos engineering.

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He liked to work in organized chaos.

an outer margin of an object or structural part.

a rod held by a person swearing fealty to his lord on becoming a tenant, esp of copyhold land.


chaos definition: 1.